S. Larson Watercolors

Custom watercolor paintings of your home, farm, business, or pet.

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Hello, I'm Sharon

Thank you for visiting my website and supporting a local artist. As I said, my name is Sharon Larson and I've been calling the midwest home since birth, and my paintings reflect the sweet nostalgia of its buildings and terrain. Originally from a Wisconsin dairy farm, my family and I now live on a farm in Long Grove, Iowa, where I spend my mornings with horses, chickens, cats, and dogs and my nights admiring beautiful sunsets with the people I love.

You can find me traveling from one art show to the next, typically in Iowa and Illinois, selling and sharing the work that I love doing.


Countless pet owners, homeowners and farm owners have turned to me for a personal painting of their animals and midwest property.  My whimsical approach to watercolor is combined with striking detail and a delicate way of captivating the true essence of  "home."

I hope you find something that feels like home here.

sharon Larson Grek K 2 8x10.jpg

Commission me to

do an original watercolor painting of your home or business.

Let me capture the memories of hard work and love that can only be found in the family farm.

Sharon Larson Gaffney.jpg

The perfect gift for you or a loved one: an original painting of your furry friend.

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