"Night Watch" wraps up my 2017 season. With his bold, steady eyes, this bald eagle beauty is on guard to watch over the land. His feathers hold beauty in their display of mahogany colors, while the light of the moon casts a glow on his proud white crown. He truly is a work of art as he stands guard in a starry background that is filled with jewel-like twinkles and the artist's favorite constellation, Orion.


For the original:

The painted image size measures 11" x 18."

Overall frame size is 18" x 25."

Painted with Winsor & Newton professional watercolor tube paints on my favorite Arches 110lb. 100% cotton paper block.


For a print:

The print measures 11"x18" and is printed on archival paper with archival ink.


I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 

Night Watch


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