A Formal Education in Love

It's inevitable; nearly each time I attend an art fair as a presenting artist, I am asked, "Where did you go to school?" Because I received my BA in Interdisciplinary Skills at age 39 from UW-Green Bay, that's what I assume they want to know.

But no. They want to know where I received my formal training in art.

Now, I have learned to take this as a very kind compliment, but I have to admit it has taken me a long time not to feel inferior when this question is posed to me.

Here's a sample of how the self talk in my head used to go:

  • Oh crap! Do I need a formal art education to be considered an artist?

  • What do I say? What do I say? Eeeek!

  • Shoot! Should I get a formal art education?

  • Is that a hint I need to?

  • If I had a better education, would I be a better painter?

You see, before I was an artist, I had a different career. One that I loved. One that was the best thing I'll ever do. But it didn't come with a glorious title. Nor did it come with monetary compensation. It didn't require any formal training either, but I can say that I did very well, and was probably deserving of a few promotions in my time.

I was a stay-at-home mom.

No, I don't have any formal training as an artist. But I've stored up years worth of joy and love from our three children. Without regret, I've hugged and kissed quite a few animals too!

That's all the training this farmy artist needs for education. A FARMal education!

Praying you're well educated in the art of love,


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