Dog On It!!

I didn't PLAN to paint dogs.

I never LEARNED to paint dogs.

I didn't KNOW I could paint dogs.

However, it's true that one day somebody asked me if I painted dogs.

I think I may have laughed a little bit and then said "no" in a way that implied I simply never will. I kept telling myself I only paint landscapes: barns and houses, trees and horses, paths and roads. The problem with telling is that it's limiting.

*Remember this artist/life coach equation.

Telling = Limiting

So I kept painting what I had told myself I could paint until I was asked AGAIN to paint a dog. And this dog was special. Dagnabbit! Doggone it!

Lola, is particularly adorable and sports a darling characteristically-unique underbite. Most importantly (for my confidence anyway), Lola is white, and if I can paint a series of white sheep, I can surely paint a white dog, right?


Isn't she a cutie pie?

See what happens when an artist stops limiting herself, throws caution to the wind, and just has fun with no expectations?

"Lola" is what happens.

I gave it a shot, and she was created, thanks to the trust her owner put in me and the trust I finally granted myself.

As a result of not limiting myself any further, a few more dogs have made their way onto my watercolor paper.

Please be brave, my fellow artists! Try something new and daring! Don't allow yourself to fall into a comfort zone.

Just add water!


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