1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep.....zzzzzz

I had to post an update!

The third and final sheep in the "Shabby Sheep" series has emerged.

Are you ready?

Of course you are! And here they all are:

Little Lamb on the top, Shaggy Sheep on the bottom left, and Sleepy Ewe on the bottom right.

What a bunch of characters they are!

Now, I'd like to make a confession that I believe every artist needs to admit to the public.

(pause for a nervous sigh)

Before I finished Sleepy Ewe, there was another "third sheep" who didn't make the cut. I know, I know.... I feel bad for that sheep too for....you know....for being thrown into the trash.

I really did try to fix him, but he just wasn't cooperating. But bad art is necessary in order to make good art.

Say that with me again.

Bad art is necessary in order to make good art."

There's a life lesson in that statement. Bad is necessary for good. Dark is necessary for light. Do you see how this works? It's okay to NOT be good at something ALL the time. Let yourself stumble. It's always worth it later.

Just add water, folks. It always turns out better.

Sheep on it.


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