Counting Sheep

I became immersed in looking for reference photos that tugged at my heart

- of animals that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

It didn't take long to know for certain that I MUST paint a series of sheep. Yes!

They're so cute and playful and serene. Oh, if only my grown children were babies once again; I would fill their nursery with such images of farmy sweetness!

Although it is nowhere near time for sleep here in Iowa, I will dream that somewhere, one day, this collection of sheep will adorn the walls of a nursery where a child can get lost staring at little lamb eyes and slip off into a perfect slumber.

Now to add to the series. Send me your sheep photos. Maybe I'll use yours!!

"Sheep" well.

And remember to just add water.


#lamb #nursery #farm #animals #art #decor #ewe #sweet #sleep #dream


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